SARANTIS Company is founded in Constantinople.



The Company is transferred in Athens, Greece.



New production facilities for own branded mass cosmetics (PROSAR and CLOCHARD) 


New exclusive distribution agreements with leading international cosmetics companies, including partnership with ESTEE LAUDER GROUP OF COMPANIES.



Listing in Athens Stock Exchange (1994).

Acquisition of household brands SANITAS, CAMEL, TRYLET, AFROSO.

Acquisition of health & care brands LOBELIN, PHARMACARE.

Expansion in Eastern Europe through establishment of subsidiaries in Bulgaria, (1994), Romania, (1996), Serbia, (1997), F.Y.R.O.M., (1997), Poland, (2000).



New production plant with warehousing and distribution facilities in Greece. 



Establishment of a joint venture with ESTEE LAUDER HELLAS.

Acquisition of the Polish household products company PACK PLAST.

Establishment of Sarantis Czech Republic subsidiary.



Establishment of the subsidiary company Sarantis Hungary.

Acquisition of Romanian cosmetics’ company ELMIPLANT.

Acquisition of Hungarian household products’ company TRADE 90.

Acquisition of Polish cosmetic brand KOLASTYNA.



Acquisition of household brands DOMET in Hungary and TOPSTAR in Serbia.

Acquisition of 'D. KOUKOUZELIS LTD' company present in Health & Care products sector.

New exclusive distribution agreements with CONTER Group, representing the brands DENIM, TESORI D ORIENTE, VIDAL and LEOCREMA in Greece.

New exclusive distribution agreement with SPOTLESS Group.

New exclusive distribution agreement with LA PRAIRIE SWITZERLAND.

Establishment of a new subsidiary in Bosnia (Sarantis Banja Luka).



Establishment of a new subsidiary in Portugal (Sarantis Portugal).
Acquisition of the Czech cosmetic trademarks company ASTRID T.M.
Acquisition of the NOXZEMA business in Greece from Procter & Gamble.


Acquisition of AVA in Greece from Procter & Gamble.
New exclusive distribution agreement of the brand WASH & GO across the region of its presence.


Acquisition of the Polish packaging products company POLIPAK

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